How Collecting Milk At Night Can Cause Insomnia And Anxiety

Recent research suggests that drinking milk from cows that were produced overnight could be an effective treatment for anxiety as well as insomnia. The Journal of Medicinal Food published this information earlier in the year. This may seem odd but drinking a cup of milk in the evening has long been known to aid sleep.

Night milk is different than daytime milk. Night milk is more sedate than daytime milk. In the study, mice that drank night milk showed less sedative effects than those that drank morning milk. Mice who were given night milk showed a greater tendency to explore new spaces, indicating a reduced level of anxiety. This milk is similar to diazepam that is usually used to treat anxiety. This night milk contains tryptophan as well as melatonin.

According to the report: “The test was conducted about an hr after treatment. Mice who were fed night milk had a significantly lower activity level than mice that received either water or day milk. Diazepam was given to mice that were least active. The number of mice that fell off a rotating platform during a twenty-minute period was used to measure balance and coordination. Mice who were fed night milk fell about four or five times on average, twice as much as mice who had been given day milk. Diazepam-treated control mice fell approximately nine times. Water-fed control mice fell only twice.”

These new techniques could transform the treatment of these disorders. Night milk could be used to treat anxiety and insomnia. Even though the entire research is not yet complete, it appears that these methods work.

This disorder has caused a high level of dependence on drugs. Some sufferers must take their medications throughout their lives. This problem could be solved by switching to organic measures. There are still some issues that may arise. Many people are allergic to milk products. The current treatment would be required for these people. It is also possible that milk will not work for humans. The mice used in the experiment may not have had the same effects on humans.

Although these flaws are possible, we won’t know until they happen. Drug companies could lose money if this was the case. As people wouldn’t need prescriptions, the drug companies would lose a significant amount of cash. The research may be stopped because the funds are cut drastically.

Today, science has a huge impact on our lives. New discoveries are made every day that enhance our quality-of-life. Every day, I am thankful for the new technologies and information being created. Many times, it is necessary to create alternatives in order to improve the existing methods. The medications are expensive, addictive and unhealthy. This research could be used to help resolve some of the problems.



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