Aspartame And Its Bad Health Side Effects

Aspartame is not worth the zero calories

Companies have been promoting their products for decades as being more affordable and better to the consumer. The beverage industry was a prime example of this. Companies competed to create the best drinks. The beverage industry has been in a competition for decades with other companies to create the best drink. Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola and other companies compete to have the drink with the least calories.

Aspartame has been the subject of controversy for many years, and in the last year especially. Aspartame can be found in diet soft drink. Aspartame is known to have many negative health effects. In an “Collective Evolution” article, it is stated that Aspartame can cause metabolic disorders and abnormalities of the digestive system. Aspartame is a non-caloric sweetener that has been linked to metabolic disease and digestive tract abnormalities.

The media can influence the way a consumer treats his or her eating and drink habits. Sadly, the media’s messages to consumers are not always accurate (what a surprise). There are many negative aspects of modern society. That is another topic. Many things have been portrayed as healthy by the media for many years. Cigarettes, for example, were once touted to be very healthy, but are now one of leading causes of lung cancer. In order to appear healthier and compete with other cola brands, these companies are actually harming their customers.

It’s nonsense to not do more research on the ingredients in beverages that are consumed daily by millions. It’s easy to understand that it is difficult for people to see long-term health effects. However, when aspartame has been shown to have negative effects on the body, then there should be an effort to replace the sweetener with something healthier. The media is also a major culprit in this nonsense. In the media there is a lot of emphasis on being healthier. But when this sort of thing happens, it’s only logical to stop advertising.

It wasn’t until recently that Aspartame was made public. Most consumers are unaware of what is in their food. This shows a poor understanding of scientific principles. It is scientific to remove the calories from a beverage in order to make it healthier. Chemical companies are required to develop compounds that will make a drink taste similar to its sugary counterpart but without the calories. Aspartame was likely created in this way. Aspartame is an example of this. The public doesn’t understand what it puts in its body and they trust these chemists so much that they will put it into their drinks. The public should be made aware of the ingredients they put into their body.

It is important to note that the lack of information about “bad science”, food chemistry, and alternative methods to improve the quality of foods for consumers is a major problem. The companies are not protected either. The point at which it is no longer possible to use natural methods and find an alternative, has passed. It’s important that society understands that there’s no “quick-fix” for being healthy. The ingredients in diet soda make it unhealthy and bad for people.

Aspartame, however, is only one of many sweeteners. For the rest, causing problems like this is a major red flag. The consumer should also take note. Nowadays, eating healthily is the key. It’s not profitable to eat your fruits and veggies and exercise three times a week. Hope that companies in the near future will be more concerned about the health and well-being of their customers than the profits they can make.



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