Applied Behavioral Analysis (aba): As A Treatment For People Diagnosed With Autism

We help you, we help your child. You may face many challenges when trying to give your child the best life possible. You want to have fun with your child and engage them in creative activities while also reducing the behaviors that are troubling or dangerous.

World Health Organization reports that one in every 160 children has autism spectrum disorder. ASD diagnoses are steadily on the rise. Parents have been searching for the most effective treatment. ABA therapy is one of most effective treatments, according to research. Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA therapy, is the most popular treatment for autism. What is the process?

During this treatment, therapists carefully observe and document the behavior of a child who has autism. They then interview parents and others with a role in their child’s life. An applied behavior therapist will create an ABA treatment program after gathering the necessary information. The ABA plan includes a variety of procedures to help improve overall behavior, teach new skill, and reduce the behaviors that interfere with effective participation within a traditional education environment. This therapy involves 40 hours of customized one-on-1 therapy that is designed to correct specific skill deficits like classroom competence or speaking problems. ABA therapy involves breaking skills down into small, manageable steps so that a child can better understand and learn the skill.

Parents’ involvement in ABA is essential for success. Parents work with teachers and therapists to identify behavior that needs to be changed and teach skills. After working with a therapist a certain amount of time, the child will continue to work on skills and behaviors with their parent. ABA treatment involves teaching parents new skills to help them continue the work of the therapist. This kind of interaction between the parent and child is important and can build a lasting relationship. ABA can help improve the quality of life for families affected by ASD.

ABA therapy is well-accepted in the autism world because of its great results. Ivar O.Lovaas published a well-known 1987 study that showed the positive results achieved by families who treated their child with ABA. In his study, 90% of the families who participated in the ABA therapy program saw significant improvements in their child’s behaviour after only a couple years or months. Many families who have participated in ABA therapy are happy to see their child integrated into a classroom. This model uses a system of negative and positive reinforcement to encourage appropriate behavior and deter inappropriate behaviors. Social skills are divided into smaller, more manageable chunks. Hand-washing is taught in a series steps, such as turning on the tap, using soap and drying hands.

The child may eventually progress through the stages of training from simple tasks, such as sitting quietly, to more challenging ones, such as making eye contact or speaking clearly and freely. Raising an autistic child can be a difficult and demanding labor of devotion. Hidden Treasures” is a caring ABA Therapy application that helps families “Discover the Treasure Within”.



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